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SAIF-Springs You Control Treatment Progress!

COMFORT The greatest impediment to patient cooperation with conventional Class II and Class III mechanics is discomfort, causing the patient's inevitable inconsistent wearing of elastics.  The resulting intermittent intermaxillary force causes tenderness, defeating any chance for patient cooperation and treatment progress.  SAIF-Springs provide constant and consistent  force which reduces discomfort.

PATIENT COOPERATION SAIF-Springs require minimal patient cooperation, working far better than elastics.  Even on uncooperative patients the results are rapid and predictable.

PATIENT PREFERENCE You will find that patients actually prefer wearing SAIF-Springs over elastics.  Try SAIF-Springs on your patients and see for yourself!

REDUCED TREATMENT TIME SAIF-Springs provide predictable and consistent  tooth movement: similar types of cases respond predictably.

CONTROL OF TREATMENT PROGRESS SAIF-Springs provide known, continuous, and precise intermaxillary force. You control the magnitude and duration of force.

SAIF-Springs may be used in either a Class II or Class III configuration.